Accidental shootings of children spike during summer, group of mothers talk gun safety

All across the greater Houston area, this is the time of  year when we see a spike of involuntary shootings involving kids. The reason being, according to Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in a America, is that it’s summer and those children are spending more time at home. They also say the numbers are disturbingly high, and would like to see it brought down to zero.

“(A total of) 4.6 million kids live in a home with an unsecured weapon. The numbers are just not in our favor,” says Gaby Diaz, the Group Leader for Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America in North East Harris County.

She mentioned that on average, each year almost 300 children under the age of 18 grab a gun and unintentionally shoot themselves, or someone else. 

“It’s definitely the time to be asking grandma, to be asking your friends, anytime you’re leaving your kid anywhere. It’s not just about pool safety, the peanut allergies anymore, this is a conversation that should be front and center,” says Diaz.

These shootings are 100 percent preventable, if gun owners can follow some basic rules:

1. Secure firearms.

2. Model responsible behavior.

3. Ask about guns when dropping off your kids.

Gun safety doesn’t have to break the bank. Gun locks, which the organization gives out for free, starts between $5-$10. Governor Greg Abbott sees the importance of gun safety. Earlier this month he approved a million dollar public safety campaign for firearm storage.

Something that is music to Diaz’s ears.

“Being a responsible gun owner, and responsibly storing your guns is not a debate. So it was beautiful to see the governor rally around that. We are so excited to see not just the money, but the attention come to this issue," Diaz says.

 Be Smart is a campaign that was launched by this group. They typically give out about 100 gun safety locks at their community events. More information on that campaign can be found at