Abbott wants Texas' top teachers to earn six figures

Gov. Greg Abbott wants the state’s best teachers to earn a six-figure salary. Few teachers disagree with that idea but many still question where the money will come from.

The governor met with teachers and administrators at Solar Preparatory School for Girls in East Dallas Tuesday. He said he wants more money for teachers and principals and he asked for their feedback.

Abbott praised the Dallas Independent School District’s merit-based system and said he wants to find a way to make it work for other districts in the state.

The big question is still how to pay for it. Abbott said the money should come from the state.

This was the governor’s second roundtable discussion after announcing his teacher salary plan. At Tuesday’s meeting, he reminded the group he is married to a former teacher and principal.

“I’ve seen what it’s like on the front lines of what a teacher does every day. What you do when you get up, when you come home, preparing for the next day... how hard it is. Teaching is a calling that would be hard to do otherwise. I want to ensure teaching in Texas also becomes a profession where we can attract the very best and keep the very best,” he said.

The former Dallas County sheriff, Lupe Valdez, also talked about education during campaign stops this week. She said she wants the state to update state funding formulas and increase teacher pay.