AAPOL awards $11,000 in scholarships

Some Houston police officers say it is their job to reach back and help others, and that's exactly what they're doing.

The African American Police Officers' League raised $11,000 and decided to make good use of it.  The officers handed out over a dozen scholarships in Houston this week and the Factor was there as many of the students accepted their big checks.

"As you know there's a lot of negative energy regarding law enforcement. From what we see in the news, our personal experiences maybe. But we wanted to be a light in this time," says AAPOL president Eric Carr. "So investing in our youth, giving out scholarships, is something we know is important."

If you want to help young people with scholarships in the future the key is reaching out to AAPOL.

The group also moved its headquarters from Highway 290 to Griggs Road.  They say they wanted to be in the heart of the community they serve.