A Very Intimate Local Theater Production

Theater season is kicking into high gear in Houston. One new production in the city is being performed in a very unusual venue - the living room of a Montrose townhouse. The play is part of the Living Room Series put on by the Hune Company.

It's the brainchild of local actor and director Matt Hune. He has picked a series of plays about generational conflict, and has turned the living room of his Montrose townhouse into a small black box theater where the plays are performed.

"This is not theater in my living room," Hune said. "This is a theater built into a living room."

The next production is a play called "This Is Our Youth". It is set in 1982, and follows the lives of three 20-somethings trying to find direction in their lives.

Each performance only seats 20 people and the theater-goers are right up next to the stage, creating a very intimate experience.

Local playwright and arts writer Abby Koenig gives us a look at the theater and the play.