73-year-old man gets hired to fix pipes from the side of the road in Houston

Just days ago, 73 year old George Barrett, known as Mr. G, was homeless on the side of Fondren Rd. with all his belongings and a sign that read "I do plumbing, carpentry,  electrical.."

Thanks to the power of social media and a woman who pulled over to ask him about his services, Mr. G is now part of the Relief Gang helping Houstonians with busted pipes.


Even though he was down on his luck, he said God is still on the throne. Mr. G didn’t want the hand out, but instead wanted use his craft.

He is one of the many plumbers hired by the Relief Gang and James Harden, who have teamed up to help those needing assistance.

The Relief Gang is currently accepting applications for Houstonians needing help to deal with plumbing issues due to the winter storm. You can apply here.