4-alarm fire rips through apartment complex, claiming pets, memories, and homes

Dozens are without a home after a four alarm apartment fire near the Galleria area Friday.

Firefighters say the 911 call came in just after noon from the Greenridge Place Apartments. Three firefighters were hospitalized with heat exhaustion and three others were treated on the scene.

The fire was extinguished by 4 p.m., but about half of the 33-unit building on Greenridge Drive was left with serious damage.

“We lost everything,” said Jackie Siddell, a 15-year resident of the building. “I lost my three cats that were in there.”

Pets were killed in the fire that started somewhere in the center of the building. Firefighters say no people were seriously injured or killed.

“I’ve been through so many weather things,” said Carolyn Bolton, a three-year resident of the apartments. “I’ve been in Houston all my life. I’ve been through all of the storms. Never effected, you know, but I’m not fire proof.”

The cause of the fire is unclear.

“It appears that the fire might have started on the first floor and ran up the wall, because we do have units with heavy fire damage on the first floor,” said assistant chief Michael Mire with the Houston Fire Department.

Bolton says she lost a lot of priceless mementos, but she’s grateful for the firefighters.

“They are doing a phenomenal job. They should be paid as much as they can,” said Bolton. “That’s what I can’t understand. I voted for them to get a raise. They need a raise more than anybody.”

Dozens of victims are left wondering where to sleep Friday night.

“Losing everything—yeah it’s definitely hard,” said Siddell.