3 road deaths confirmed after Houston-area floods

The driver of an 18-wheeler truck was also found dead in that vehicle on West Hardy Road near Beltway 8, but the cause of death has not been confirmed.

The identities of the three people will not been released until the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences notifies their family members.

  • Jersey Village Baptist Church on 16518 Jersey Drive, Houston, Texas 77040
  • M. O. Campbell Educational Center on 1865 Aldine Bender Road, Houston, Texas 77032
  • Johnston Middle School on 10410 Manhattan Drive, Houston, Texas 77096
  • M.C. Williams Middle School on 6100 Knox, Houston, Texas 77091

"This is a dangerous situation and I do not want our employees trying to get to work," said Mayor Turner. "All Houstonians need to stay off the roads. Do not go out until conditions improve."  

City of Houston Tier 3 employees, or non-essential personnel, were told to stay at home on Monday.

During a news conference on late Monday afternoon, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said his office has already filed documents to declare the Houston area and Harris County as a disaster area. Judge Emmett and Mayor Turner estimate that 2,300 homes were flooded in Harris County and Houston.