23 registered sex offenders claim same address as suspected serial killer

This is where 46-year-old Jose Gilberto Rodriguez cut his ankle monitor off on July 5. Now he's charged with two counts of capital murder and suspected in a string of other violent crimes.

The parole board never voted to let the convicted sex offender out of prison. He had to be released due to the state's old mandatory release law.

"That's the only reason he was released period," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.

According to the state's sex offender database, Rodriguez is far from being the only sex offender claiming to live here.

Twenty-three sex offenders claim 2417 and 2419 Pannell as their address.

Several are just like Rodriguez, they had to be released because of the old law and are on mandatory supervision.

"You still have people like Rodriguez that the parole board deems unsuitable to re-enter society and the only reason they are out is because of this state law," Kahan said.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has approved this place, calling it an alternative housing facility.

There are 120 of them in Houston -- more than Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin combined.

TDCJ confirms at least 10 paroled sex offenders live at 2417 Pannell.

"Basically you have an ad hoc prison within a residential neighborhood," said Kahan.

And no one is told a thing about it

Sharon McCarter lives just a stones throw away from these houses.

"You have a lot of elderly people living in this neighborhood, single women and children passing up and down by the place and no one ever knew that," McCarter said. "It's wrong."

These alternative housing facilities are one of the reasons city council member Brenda Stardig and others voted in a new city ordinance last spring. That ordinance will allow the city to track and monitor these facilities.