2018 Houston Restaurant Weeks kicks off, proceeds benefit Houston Food Bank

Starting Wednesday, August 1, nearly 300 restaurants in the metro area will participate in the 2018 Houston Restaurant Weeks. 

All month long, patrons can chow down on 2-3 course brunches and dinners for a fraction of the price. 

Donny Navarrete is the GM and Executive Chef of Laurenzo's restaurant.  

"Typically ordering a 3-course meal, you're looking at 8 bucks for a salad, maybe $29 to $30/$35 dollars for the entree, another $8-$10 dollars for the dessert, so you're close to 40 percent off for a meal to have the whole thing here," Navarrete said.

For new restaurants and bars like Night Heron in Montrose, HRW is an opportunity for the businesses to retain loyal customers.

"Hopefully it'll just be an opportunity for more people to realize that we're here. And we're pretty confident with what we offer so once the people get through the door, we're pretty confident we'll keep them," said GM, Danny Kargan.

But it's not just about the good food and a chance to try hundreds of local Houston eats for a discounted price. While you're chomping down, you're also helping feed thousands of other people in need. A portion of the proceeds directly benefit the Houston Food Bank. 

"Ever since Houston Restaurant Week started in 2003, we have facilitated $12.2 million cash donations to the Houston Food Bank. Using the food bank's equation: $1 = three meals -- that's over 36 million meals that Houston Restaurant Weeks has helped provide for people in need," said founder, Cleverley Stone. 

For every $20 for brunch or lunch, each restaurant will donate $3 to the food bank, which provides 9 meals. A $35 for dinner equals a $5 donation to the food bank, which provides 15 meals, and a $45 dinner equals a $7 donation to the food bank, providing 21 meals! 

Houston Restaurant Weeks lasts through Labor Day on September 3.