15-year-old boy shot to death, 18-year-old friend faces manslaughter charges

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“He was a happy boy,” said Emilio Flores’ mother Rita. “Outgoing friendly very popular.”

Those who knew the 15-year-old called him Milo.

“I couldn’t believe it he was like my child,” said Milo’s older sister Joanna. “He was with me all the time 24/7.

Milo Flores was the youngest of three kids. 

His 18-year-old friend Logan Anderson and two other teens were spending the night at the Flores home.

“I knew the boy,” Joanna Flores said. “He would spend the night there at the house.”

“We’re not aware of any pre-existing conflict or any conflict during the course of the evening or subsequent morning,” said Alvin Police Captain Todd Arendell.

“I just heard a lot of commotion,” said Rita Flores.

What Flores saw when she went to investigate that commotion would forever change her life.

“My son sitting down on the chair and I thought he was sleeping, but that’s when the boy came back and said 'oh I accidentally shot him',” Flores said.

Hours later Alvin Police arrested Logan Anderson in Manvel.

“Since that time he has fully cooperated with the investigation,” Arendell said. “We now have possession of the firearm we believe was used to shoot the young man.”

“I don’t know what to do seeing my parents heartbroken,” Joanna Flores said.

Milo’s sister and mother say they don’t understand how Milo’s friend accidentally shot him or how they’ll go on without ever seeing Milo again or hearing his voice.

“Him hugging me telling me I love you big sister,” Flores said.

Anderson is charged with manslaughter.