13-year-old burned in 'Black Fire Snake' experiment at school

A 13-year-old is recovering from burns to his face after a family says a science experiment at his school went terribly wrong.

The incident happened on June 13 at Capri Elementary School in Encinitas, California. Priest River and his family say the teacher was standing outside with a group of students, trying to recreate the "Black Fire Snake" experiment.

The experiment involves creating a snake using a combination of rubbing alcohol, sand, and baking soda, and then lighting it on fire. 

Priest believes the teacher may have poured too much accelerant, causing the concoction to explode, burning his face.

"My hair was burnt on fire. And my shirt, or my jacket was on fire and burning," said Priest. "Do I have my hair?  Do I have my eyebrows? Is my face disfigured? Am I going to look like this when I'm older?"

The family says the boy has been through four burn surgeries so far, and pries says he is constantly in pain.

The Encinitas Union School District declined an interview, but did release this statement:

"The issue that you are asking about involves one of our students and is still under investigation by the district. Due to the students' right to privacy, we are unable to provide a response or update at this time."

The Rivera family has now filed a claim against the school district.