$13 tattoos for Friday the 13th in Houston

"Friday the 13th, it’s 713 day, like you know it’s just kind of a tradition," says Ana Morris as she waits to get a tattoo at 713 Tattoo and Piercing on Friday afternoon. "I’ve already gotten Friday the 13th tattoos before, so why not?” 

For years, the shop off Westheimer Road has opened its doors for anyone looking to get lucky on the least lucky day of the year. That is, by getting $13 tattoos with a $7 added tip for good luck.

"It’s tradition, everyone knows to come here to do it because we’ve been doing it the longest and so normally we have a line going out the door of people waiting at 11 a.m.," says tattoo shop owner Homer Saenz. "We had probably 150 people outside waiting.”

"The last time we were here, we came kind of during the day and it was really, really busy this time," says Amanda Osad, who decided to get a skull and crossbones design. "We kind of sneaked in right after everyone left.”

It's a nationwide tradition, but nowadays, not every shop participates. A few in the Houston area that do include The Violet Tiger Tattoo Parlor, Red Shores Tattoo Company and a few others, however you must call beforehand to check on all the different prices. Many places offer designs like what 713 Tattoo does, like the die, Texas and wishbones.

"They all have a 13 and some way shape or form in the design,” says Saenz.

What did Ana Morris get? With her Rockets hat and t-shirt, her choice seemed simple.

"The Rockets have been doing pretty good," says Morris. "James Harden is one of my favorite players. I figured what better way to represent Houston then the Rocket.”

713 Tattoo and Piercing continued the promotion on Friday the 13th until the clock struck midnight.