13 arrested in online child sex sting operation

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Thirteen people have been arrested in the Houston area following an online child sex operation.

The Fort Bend County Sheriffs office held a press conference Tuesday morning where they released the details of the operation.

The sheriffs office tells us these cases are popping up all over Houston. Some of them in particular are disturbing and shocking.

"Could you imagine leaving your two and four year old child home alone to go out and knock on a door assuming you’re going to meet a 13 to 15-year-old-girl," said Sheriff Troy Nehls.

Nehls said that's what Lee Travor of Rosenberg did-- Nehls said Travor left his toddlers at home in hopes of engaging in sexual acts with an underage girl.

One of the individuals arrested was a coach and teacher from McArthur High School, 32-year-old Christopher Nunes.  Nehls said he was chatting with who he thought was a young girl, but was actually an undercovrer agent.

"He had actually met in a park and I believe it was a 15 or 14-year-old girl that I believe he was meeting," said Sgt. Jarett Nethrey of Fort Bend County.

"Another individual was out on bond for sexual assault of a child in Harris County and then another individual was an officer in our armed forces," said Nehls.

Thirteen arrests were made last week over a three day period . Nehls said  Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force would communicate with the suspects online via social media sites and make arrests at locations where the suspects believed they were meeting with a child.

"This is horrible what you are seeing with these individuals and what they’re attempting to do.”

Sgt. Nethrey said intentions can be obvious when the suspects bring certain items with them.

"It seems like we always get condoms, things of that nature, things that someone would bring to a kid, candy."

"We will do everything we can," said Nehls.  "We can not spend enough time, enough energy, enough resources, on going after targeting individuals that are out there attempting to prey on our children."

Charges against the 13 people arrested range from online solicitation of a minor, attempted sexual assault of a child, evading arrest on foot, endangering a child, and attempted aggravated assault.