Your Legal Questions Answered: Mental illness treatment bills & permit parking

FOX 26 Senior Legal Analyst Chris Tritico answers viewers' questions.

1. "My brother is bi-polar. He has been in and out of treatment facilities and has accumulated $45,000 in debt. Are there any organizations to turn to for mental illness grants to help pay bills? Can you make recommendations for Houston bankruptcy lawyers to call to consult?" 

RELATED RESOURCES - Makes direct payments directly to caregivers to allow individuals to finish therapy. - Helps get government grants for all kinds of assistance from Federal, State, Local Government, and Charity, Grants, and other programs. 

2. "I live in an apartment that has permit parking. You must have a sticker to park near the units. They do not enforce their policy, and I am left to park very far away, while unpermitted vehicles are allowed. Can I get out of my lease because of this?"