Kevin the Ice Warrior, carrying the names of almost 2,000 childhood cancer fighters in his backpack


Can you even imagine running from Houston to San Antonio in just a few days, in below-freezing temperatures?  That's close to the equivalence of how far 93Q's Kevin Kline has been able to run in Alaska, on his mission to deliver a backpack full of hundreds of names of pediatric cancer patients, to the top of the world.  We are now calling Kevin the Ice Warrior!      After running more than 180-miles in the Arctic Circle, Kevin says his leg has gotten so swollen that he's unable to run fast enough to keep his body warm in the dangerous temperatures.  We're relieved to know that he made the smart realization of his limits and was able to safely pass the backpack to his medic and extreme runner Scott Tyner.

       Now they're calling this the "Backpack Brigade".  The symbolism of what's in that backpack means everything to them.  As Kevin showed us the almost 2,000 names of childhood cancer fighters in that backpack, just before he left for Alaska, this is what he had to say about it.  "I just know that every single one of these families of children who have fought pediatric cancer, every one of those families is counting on me #1 and #2, they're with me and I just remember what Chelsea had to go through when she was fighting cancer, and I've seen what other families have had to go through.  We can symbolically show what this means and how it relates to cancer, but we can't accurately show it because there's no other way to show it," says Kevin.  He was referring to Chelsea, who is a teen who lost her battle to cancer and prompted Kevin and his wife Trish to start the "Snowdrop Foundation", which provides scholarships for college-bound pediatric cancer patients while raising awareness and funds for research to cure childhood cancer.

       A film crew is shooting this journey for a documentary.  The Cinematographer, Marcel Melanson's son's name is in the backpack!  He posted this powerful message:  "When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they are given a treatment plan by their doctor.  Many times that treatment plan is altered due to many different circumstances.  Could be infection, could be fever, etc, etc, but the most important thing is to adapt and overcome.  That was our day today on the Dalton (Highway).  Kevin ran 'til he couldn't.  I witnessed what should not have been humanly possible for the past five days.  Just like a chemo patient, there is only so much the body can take.  In those dark times, in those lonely hospital rooms, we need and lean on our village to get us through. Kevin needs his village now more then ever to help fulfill his important mission. Prayers for Scott Tyner, who picked up the torch and finished today's run.  35 miles were logged today, keeping the mission on track, taking this backpack to the top of the world," stated Marcel.  

       This team is trying to raise $200,000 while in Alaska and have about $40,000 to go to reach the goal. You can help and follow the journey by going to: