Chicago-style deep dish pizza in west Houston

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West Houston residents (or anyone willing to drive there) can now get a taste of authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza. As a licensed professional engineer with a Masters in Infrastructure Engineering & Management, Demarco Jenkins relocated to Houston in 2012 for a better quality of life for his family. As a pizza enthusiast, Jenkins immediately sought to find a pizza spot reminiscent of his all-time favorite place in Chicago, a 'mom-and-pop' establishment called Mama Rigettas. Not finding anything close to his beloved Mama Rigettas, Jenkins got serious about an idea he had toyed with for a long time -- opening his own pizza place.

As destiny would have it, the owners of Mama Rigettas, closed their doors in Chicago. After months of searching, Jenkins caught up with them and discussed his plans to open a pizzeria. The owners graciously gifted him their secret recipes that had been passed down through several generations; including the unique pizza sauce, marinara sauce, homemade Italian sausage and a flaky, buttery crust that melts in your mouth. Mama’s only request was to make them proud. Jenkins certainly intends to do that with every order at d’marcos pizzeria. As the owner, Jenkins has traded in his title as a licensed professional engineer for a new one -- licensed pizza engineer. He couldn’t be happier and his staff at d’marcos pizzeria wants to make all of the Houston area just as happy…and stuffed.