A bill aimed at protecting Texas high school athletes is awaiting governor's signature

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A bill aimed at protecting student atheletes in Texas is awaiting Governor Abbott's signature. Known as Cody's Law it requires that all student atheltes receive heart screenings.

Dr. John Higgins with the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Center and Danny Arnold, the Director of PLEX talk with FOX 26 anchor Rashi Vats about the bill.

Cody Stephens was 6'9" tall, 18 years old, ready to tackle the world and heading to college on a football scholarship when he dropped dead at home in May 2012.  His father Scott Stephens says he has since learned a 5-minute, $15 electrocardiogram or ECG likely would have saved his son's life. 

After Cody passed away five years ago, his dad started the Cody Stephens Go Big or Go Home Foundation and offers free heart screenings for student athletes. 

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Crosby ISD has the ECG screenings required for their student athletes.

The bill was first filed in 2015 and then again in 2017, but the Legislative session ended before it reached the seante floor. This year House Bill 76 made it through both houses and now waits for the governor's signature.

Read the Act as it was voted on by the Texas Senate