16-year-old boy hopes to get a forever family

November is National Adoption Month, and teenagers make up more than a quarter of all children who need a forever home. In this month’s Finding Families Sally MacDonald is introducing you to a 16-year-old boy who’s looking for someone to love and guide him into adulthood.

David is not afraid of any animal, and the animals at the Houston Interactive Aquarium don’t seem to be afraid of him either.

"It’s just been with me since I was born I guess," David says about his love for animals.

The way he sees it is every animal deserves a home and every child, no matter how old, deserves a family.

"I hope I get a family, and I hope some other kids get families too," he said.

David’s parental rights ended a few years ago, and he’s been in foster care ever since.


"Something really unique about David is he has built relationships through his time in foster care and we’re hoping to find a family for him in Texas to maintain healthy relationships he’s had," said Caitlin Brake, Depelchin Children’s Center.

Along with animals, David loves movies, comics, and being around other kids.

"I want a good family that will help guide me and a family that will be there for me," said David.

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In order to adopt through Depelchin Children’s Center, you must be 21, pass a background check and be financially able to care for a child.

"But really if you’re single, married, no matter who you are you can be available to help a child especially this time during the holidays we want to make sure every child has a place to land that’s safe," said Brake.

If you’d like to foster or adopt David, you can learn more about the process at www.depelchin.org/findingfamilies