The Vice Presidential debate, COVID-19 and taxes - What's Your Point?

The Vice –Presidential Debate, it was measured, it was mostly civil and it was, for 90 minutes, a clear presentation of the pivotal choice America must make on November 3rd. In other words, the vice-presidential debate was everything the initial, chaotic  Trump-Biden clash was not.

Drawing perhaps the most attention and certainly top billing, Senator Kamala Harris's condemnation of President Trump's management of the pandemic. A barrage of criticism vigorously countered by Vice President Mike Pence, who leaned heavily on the President’s decision to cut-off travel from China.  


Another issue covered and point of contention in this debate was "taxes" -with the Vice President warning that a Biden administration would raise them on "all Americans" and Senator Harris pledging hikes "only on corporations and folks making more than $400 thousand dollars a year".

This week's panel Bob Price, Brietbart Texas, Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Kathleen McKinley, conservative blogger, Tony, Diaz, host of Latino News and Politics on KPFT, and Bill King, Houston businessman and columnist join host Greg Groogan to discuss the debate.

Pence Harris VP Debate draws 60 million viewers

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