The final presidential debate before election day - What's Your Point?

 This week President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden traded verbal blows while projecting starkly different visions for the nation's path forward.

As the casualty count from the coronavirus edged closer to a quarter-million American dead, the issue of pandemic management, past, and future was a central topic. The issue of healthcare was another major point of conflict. Joe Biden called "medical coverage for all" a basic American right and vowed to expand the Affordable Care Act to create Biden Care. President Trump countered by accusing the former Vice President of advocating government-controlled, single-payer "socialized medicine."

This week's panel Bill King, businessman, columnist, Bob Price, Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Charles Blain founder Urban Reform, Antonio Diaz, educator and host of Latino Politics and News (KPFT) join Greg Groogan to discuss the points made during the debate.


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