SCOTUS rejects Ken Paxton lawsuit - What's Your Point?

This week Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton took the extraordinary ill-fated step of suing four battleground states on behalf of the people of Texas.

Claiming pandemic-driven changes to election procedures in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin allowed outcome-altering fraud to occur,  Democrat Joe Biden to prevail and the interests of the Lone Star state to be injured.

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The case was taken straight to the Supreme Court with the backing of the President and more than 160 Republican members of Congress, where it was summarily rejected for lack of standing.

 Congressmen Dan Crenshaw and Kevin Brady backed this doomed gesture - while senator John Cornyn, a former Texas Attorney General, recognized its flaws and said "no".


Greg Groogan leads this week's panel, Bob Price, Carmen Roe, Bill King, Tomaro Bell, and Sue Lovell in a discussion about the case and it's rejection at the Supreme Court.