Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo calls court affidavits "misleading" and "one-sided" - What's Your Point?

"Out of context" "one-sided" and "misleading" - that's how Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo described genuinely devastating court affidavits filed by the Texas Rangers in the ongoing investigation of an $11 million "bid-rigging" scheme apparently orchestrated by three members of the Judge's inner circle.

 Facing reporters for the first time since the allegations were made public, Hidalgo appeared to defend the actions of staff, claiming her people were motivated by a desire to "save lives" when they steered the mufti-million dollar communication contract to a little-known, one-woman operation with extensive democratic political ties.

Hidalgo's GOP challengers capitalizing on the controversy

"As much as it just irks me that I can't respond to that allegation I have to hold back and if something comes out, if I learn a new fact that something was done wrong here, I’ll be the first to admit it," said Hidalgo.

 According to multiple legal experts, the Ranger affidavits offer what appears to be clear and convincing evidence of "misuse of official information" and "tampering with government documents" both of which are serious criminal offenses.

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 Fox 26 learned this week that Aaron Dunn, one of the key aides implicated, left the Judge's staff four days after search warrants were served at County offices to take a new job with the Harris County Flood Control District at significantly higher pay. 

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