Texas: The Issue Is - State Rep. Chris Turner discusses gun control measures, Uvalde response

The regular session began with an understanding that some type of response to the school shooting in Uvalde had to be done. Now, a year after that attack, the session is coming to a close with memorials to the victims, but the heartache remains, along with questions about if what was done during this session is the proper response to Uvalde and the recent attack in Allen. FOX 7 Austin's Rudy Koski spoke to state Rep. Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie), former House Democratic Caucus chairman, about where this debate is going.

Texas gun reform: Gun safety bill headed to Gov. Abbott's desk

There haven't been major changes to gun safety in the wake of school shootings until now. A gun safety bill is making its way to Governor Abbott's desk. This proposal is aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of juveniles who struggle with mental health. FOX 26's Denise Middleton explains more about what this means.