Super Bowl LI = super opportunities for non-profit groups

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In just nine months, a new day in Houston will be born because of one of the biggest games in sports and you may be able to benefit by the Super Bowl coming to the Bayou City. It’s an opportunity for big bucks because the big game will take place in Houston. 

“We are going to give a minimum of $4 million back to the community,” says Super Bowl Host Committee president Sallie Sargent.

How can you cash in? The Houston Super Bowl Host Committee kicked off Touchdown Houston, a program giving grants to non-profit groups. 

“We have three categories that we are focused on, which are education, youth health & wellness and community enhancement or beautification,” adds Sargent. 

Touchdown Houston will be a huge help to organizations such as Pro Vision Academy, a 26-year-old Sunnyside area charter school founded by former NFL player Roynell Young, who actually took part in a Super Bowl during his rookie year in 1980.  

“I believe we are a small part of helping to revitalize this area," explains Young. "I started Pro Vision because I was, and probably to a certain degree still am, one of the young people who I created this opportunity for.” 

“It’s sad to say, I’ve lived in Houston for 12 years," says veteran NBA coach and analyst Jeff Van Gundy, who has been a Pro Vision Board Member for seven years. "I live ten minutes away and it might as well be 10,000 miles away because until I got involved with Pro Vision, I had never been in the Sunnyside community.” 

“When I got fired from the Rockets, that hits at your self-esteem," adds Van Gundy. "It’s a blow. You don't feel as worthy. Then to come out here and almost get your priorities reset and you realize how blessed you are.”

“It is the thing that gives my life purpose and meaning and that's funny how that works out," says Young. "As you reach out to help others, it really blesses you more than you can bless it.” Pro Vision Academy offers everything from job training to character development courses. The school may give even more if chosen for a Touchdown Houston grant. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2016.

“We will take a look at all the applications that come in and spend the summer months reviewing them and making announcements come fall,” says Sargent. 

The Super Bowl just a game? It's actually a game changer for many like Roynell Young, his staff and students.  “He should be making $15, 20 million a year but they know that's not happening in education but to see them lovingly and willingly give their lives for the betterment of young people, that's inspiring,” says Van Gundy. It’s inspiring indeed. 

Visit to find out how your non-profit organization can apply for a Touchdown Houston grant.