Rockets rookies Dekker, Harrell adjusting to NBA life

Rooke draft picks Sam Dekker and Montrezl Harrell are gradually getting a better feel for NBA life as Rockets training camp continues.

The Rockets drafted the two players in the most recent NBA Draft, so these last two days are the first days for the pair as they begin to get acclimated for what's to come.

"Yesterday, I talked to some guys, and it was a little bit more teaching, me getting caught up playing catch-up," Dekker said. "Today, I felt much more comfortable. I thought I moved well and just felt like I was finally immersed in everything I was doing."

It's never easy for a rookie. The talent level is completely different going from college to the NBA. Kevin McHale explained the typical learning curve for a first-year player.

"You get your butt kicked for a long, long time," McHale said. "Then you figure out, 'I don't like getting my butt kicked.' Then, you do more things that don't allow you to get your butt kicked. That's usually the curve I see."

Dekker and Harrell both acknowledge there are some differences.

"Once in awhile, especially when you run into guys like Dwight (Howard) and (Terrence) Jones, guys like that, that's when you see the physicality of the NBA," Dekker said. "Some guys don't realize just how strong guys like Pat (Beverley) and James (Harden) are. When they're pushing you off your reads, in college, you could get away with it a little bit (because) you're just more athletic than a lot of guys. But here, everybody's kind of at that peak, so you've just got to find ways to get open, get better, and create."

"For myself, it's just to bring it every day," Harrell said. "I've always been a player that brought it every day, came and competed every day, and worked hard. I'm just looking to take that step to a whole new level. This is the NBA. It's a job here. What people don't understand is they think it's just playing basketball, but this is a job. If you're not doing your job, they can go find someone else who can, so I just look to come in here and bring it every day."