PHOTOS: Tuesday Practice at the 2017 Masters

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Golfers were out on the course early and often as they try to fit in practice rounds at Augusta National Golf Course before more bad weather hits the area on Wednesday.

Monday provided limited time for golfers to shape up before competitive rounds start on Thursday due to rainy conditions, and a Tornado Watch that cleared the course around 2:30 p.m.

"The wind is supposed to be up," said former Masters champion Phil Mickelson. "And if that is the case, the wind could take balls, swirl around the trees, come up well short or long. And if you put it in the wrong spot, you'll end up making bogeys and doubles."

Tuesday also provided last year's Masters winner, Danny Willett, to revisit the memories of his 2016 victory.

"Every time you go in the champions locker room and see the guys, we all kind of appreciate what we did in winning in our own ways," said Willet. "I don't think we're going to get too caught up in anything else apart from coming here and playing golf and enjoying, like I said, being part of what is a pretty special club at Augusta."

Another former Masters champion, Justin Spieth, got a chance to reflect on a tough 12th hole at last years tournament.

"It is one of many tournaments I've lost given a certain performance on a hole or a stretch of holes," said Spieth. "It happens in this game. I stepped up today, first day back with the crowds and I hit it to about that (indicates close), which is nice."