Patriots cornerback Eric Rowe returns to Klein High School

Cornerback Eric Rowe from the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots was back at Klein High School taking time out to speak to the Bearkats football team for about 15 minutes.

Eric took a few questions from the players, telling them what it was like to get traded to New England, to what it's like playing cornerback, to winning it all.

Eric enjoyed speaking to the players on the same field where he used to play for Klein.

"I guess my mom taught me growing up (about) giving back," Rowe said. "Just to see them all just, they were giving it their full attention. It's just a great feeling."

As it turns out, Eric has done far more for Klein High School than just speaking to the team. The kinds of things he never would have told us about.

"He called me one day, he said 'Coach, I got a deal with Under Armour, what do you need?' And with in a month, we had practice pants, practice jerseys, shorts for workouts, compression shirts," said Shane Hallmark, Klein head coach.

"And then he calls back and says 'What about basketball?' Next thing you know, they're getting new jerseys and game uniforms. So it's things that he doesn't have to do. He didn't have to do those things. He doesn't have to be here today, but he understand the responsibility that comes with what he's been given and what he's been blessed with."

13 years ago when Eric was 11, he got a taste of the Super Bowl in his hometown as a fan.

Rowe has come a long way.

"Even going to the Super Bowl,  I was just really happy about it," Rowe said. "I'm like 'it's my second year'. You know, I watched this every year as a kid. Even back in the 2003-2004 season, I was at the Super Bowl when it was in Houston, at the (NFL) Experience, when I was a little kid with my dad.

"And so, just thinking of all that, and being like 'I'm so happy to get a chance to play in this game'. Especially as young as I am. It's just crazy."

What we found at Klein High School on Tuesday is that Eric Rowe is not just a champion on the field, he is off the field as well.