Houston Texans vs. Arizona Cardinals: Highlights, score

It's time for the Houston Texans to take on the Arizona Cardinals at NRG Stadium on Sunday at 12:00 p.m. CT.

In the Texans' favor, they've won three straight at home while the Cardinals have lost eight straight away from home, dating back to last season.

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1st Quarter: Texans-7 Cardinals -10

  •    M.Ammendola kicks 65 yards from HOU 35 to the ARI End Zone. Touchback.-TEXANS
  • K.Murray pass deep right complete to HOU 1. Catch made by R.Moore at HOU 1. Gain of 48 yards. R.Moore for 48 yards, TOUCHDOWN.- ARIZONA
  • M.Prater extra point is good.- ARIZONA

2nd Quarter: Texans-14 Cardinals - 10

  •   D.Singletary rushed up the middle to ARI 45 for 8 yards. Tackled by P.Hoskins at ARI 45.
  • D.Singletary rushed left end to ARI 34 for 11 yards. Pushed out of bounds by J.Thompson at ARI 34.
  • C.Stroud steps back to pass. C.Stroud sacked at ARI 44 for -10 yards (L.Fotu)
  • D.Singletary rushed right guard to ARI End Zone for 11 yards. D.Singletary for 11 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

3rd Quarter: Texans- 14 Cardinals -16

  • M.Prater kicks 65 yards from ARI 35 to the HOU End Zone. Touchback.
  • D.Singletary rushed left tackle to HOU 30 for 5 yards. Tackled by J.Woods, K.Barnes at HOU 30.
  • K.Murray pass short left complete to HOU 29. Catch made by T.McBride at HOU 29. Gain of 11 yards. Pushed out of bounds by J.Pitre at HOU 28.
  • J.Conner rushed to HOU 26 for 3 yards. Tackled by HOU at HOU 26.

4th Quarter: Texans-21 Cardinals -16

  •  D.Singletary rushed to ARI 24 for 1 yards. Tackled by ARI at ARI 24.
  • C.Stroud pass complete to ARI 24. Catch made by T.Dell at ARI 24. Gain of 11 yards. Tackled by ARI at ARI 13.
  • C.Stroud steps back to pass. C.Stroud pass incomplete intended for N.Collins.
  • C.Stroud pass INTERCEPTED at ARI End Zone. Intercepted by K.Barnes at ARI End Zone. Tackled by HOU at ARI 49