Fans gather at Minute Maid Park for ALCS Game 1 watch party

They're packed in there all right. Astros fan after Astros fan after...Mets fan? Wait, what?

"This takes so nerve!" I said to William Caine

"Oh yeah, I wouldn't be a true fan if I didn't rep my team," said William Caine, who was wearing a New York Mets jersey at Minute Maid Park on Saturday night.

Spirits were high after the Astros had spanked the Cleveland Indians in a 3-0 sweep during the American League Division Series.

"We're gonna win, go Astros!," yelled Linda Gonzales, rocking an Astros jersey and a huge orange foam cowboy hat.

"In five games!," predicted Gonzales.

But why shell out money to come to watch the game in uncomfortable chairs with total strangers? After all, they aren't playing in the stadium there and it is on television. Let's face it — you can't bring children to bars and all these people won't fit in a living room.

Seriously, there is something about sitting in a sea of orange and watching our boys play their hearts out. At times like these, there's no left, no right, no black,  no white. We all come together as one...except for one guy in a Boston Red Sox shirt!