Dwight Howard focused on the present, not his contract

Dwight Howard has the potential of opting out of his contract after the season. He was asked about that following the second day of Rockets training camp.

Howard made it clear that he's not thinking about such issues at this point of the year.

"There's no need to live in the future," Howard said. "I'm not a guy that lives in the future. The only moment that matters is right now, what we accomplish as a team. And it starts with training camp.

"There's no need for me to focus on anything (that is) next summer," he continued. "My job is to focus on how I can get this team to be the best team in the NBA and win a championship."

Howard's contract status has been a major story at each of his previous stops, whether it be with the Magic and Lakers, so the Rockets big man has been through this before.

"Our focus is just winning this championship," Howard said. "Why focus on free agency? Right now, we're in pursuit of a championship or, as the NBA would say, the quest. That's our focus, is to win a championship. Whatever happens (after the year) is going to happen. I love this city. This city's been great to me, but my focus is to bring a championship here. My mind can't be on nothing but helping this team win. That's all I'm focused on."