Boxer Marlen Esparza training at 9 months pregnant

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our video of Houston boxer Marlen Esparza, who is nine-months pregnant, is worth a million words.

Medically cleared to train in this fashion, Marlen Esparza, who was the Bronze medalist in boxing in the 2012 Olympics, is unbeaten as a profession at 5-0.

Her goal is a world title fight by the end of next year. All of that and fight number six as a pro is on hold while she has her little boy, Saint Diego Figueroa, perhaps before the end of this month.

"I'm nine months pregnant right now, and its been a long nine months," Esparza says. " But as long as I stay active, my doctor said I could stay active, so I figured what's the best way to stay active. You know, it's something I'm used to. That way once I have the baby I plan to return to boxing. So I wanted to make sure that my timing and everything wasn't off. And as long as the doctor cleared it and I was watching my heart rate for a while, I decided to just keep doing what I do."

"I'm doing this from a boxing point of view because my promoter, I'm signed with Golden Boy Promotions, which is one of the major three companies, and a lot of females don't get that opportunity," Esparza. "So I didn't want to fall too far behind, and I decided that if I stay in the gym and I stay active and I keep my timing, that once I have the baby, I can return to the ring as soon as possible. Which hopefully will be March."