Alex Bregman agrees to join high school senior for her graduation photoshoot

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman has been making the rounds around Houston weddings, charity giveaways and on Thursday afternoon, a high school senior’s photo shoot.

In an attempt to make her senior photos as memorable as possible, 17-year-old Laura Flores decided to take a swing at convincing her all-time favorite baseball player to make a cameo.

It all started with a tweet on Sunday.

"I said, 'Alright, Alex, how many retweets for you to take my senior pictures with me?'" described Flores. "I was like, he's a busy man. If he doesn’t show, at least it was worth a try."

But to the North Shore Senior High School student's surprise, Bregman agreed.

"Most of the time you see people say, 'I'll do it for like 100,000 retweets' or whatever. But I didn’t want it to be about retweets, so I said, 'Yeah, I’ll do it for 40 retweets," explained Bregman.

Flores still had some doubts until the Astros superstar actually arrived to shoot at the Mercer Botanic Gardens, surprising her and her photographer, Alejandra Leal.

The best part? Bregman was a good sport and agreed to just about every pose.

Flores said she was so happy that she started crying.

"Everyone’s like, 'OMG, are y'all dating?' And I’m like, no. We’re not dating. I wish," said Flores.

"He's a super down-to-earth guy and I think it's really cool that he's showing the younger generations that you're never too busy or too important to be kind to others," said Leal.

And that's exactly the message that Bregman hopes to spread. In fact, he said the random acts of kindness is something the whole Astros team has been trying to achieve since Hurricane Harvey struck Houston in 2017.

"Our whole team kinda took it upon ourselves to go out into the community and help change people’s lives for the better. And I'm trying to do my part and help out in any way that I can," said Bregman.

It was an hour out of Bregman's day, but for Flores, it's already made her entire senior year worthwhile.

"It’s amazing," said Flores. I don’t even need a high school diploma, my life is complete."

Flores tells FOX 26 News that she hopes to become a nurse when she graduates.

Bregman also hinted that there are more surprises to come. To follow his journey, you can check out his YouTube channel.