Young Houston girls victims of international sextortion case

FBI agents say 31-year-old Michael Chansler spent years in his parents basement on social media networking sites.

"His scheme was to lie and that's the oldest scheme in the world," said FBI special agent Brian Rasmussen.

 Chansler was playing doctor if you will.

"He would befriend girls between 9 and 13 years old, Rasmussen said.

He said he was 15 and convinced them to send him explicit pictures in return for his.

"If you send the initial photo its like a hook, Rasmussen said. "Once he got the girls hooked they were his."

Agents say Chansler would then demand more nude photos or else.

"If you don't send me one more than I'm going to release this photo on social media or I will send your father this photo," said Rasmussen.

"This could never happen to me I'm Ashley I'm normal," says Ashley Reynolds one of Chansler's many victims.

"I gave him the pictures and I got to keep my reputation," said Reynolds.

But keep Chansler from carrying out his threat caused Reynolds to feel like a slave.

"And as I'm doing this he would be like no this isn't right or this one is blurry," Reynolds recalls. "Maybe tomorrow I'll get a break I'll get a day off tomorrow if I just do all these right."

FBI agents say Chansler spent three years forcing hundreds of girls from 26 states including Texas and Houston to keep sending nude photos or face having them plastered all over the Internet.