World War II veteran hoping to see Astros in World Series

He has his own set of cheers. There's the train, Tarzan and one that's Spanish slang for "hit the ball". At 94, Tomas Alejandro Jr. has seen a lot of Astros teams come and go, but this one is special.

"Is team in it all. Pitching. Hitting. Stealing. All that! They can compare with this team. We like this team. It's going. All the way," he says with his eyes shining.

He's hardly objective. His room is a veritable museum to the ball club. It's hard to overstate the joy the team has brought to the retired postal worker's life. His love of the team is a family affair. His children all have early memories of attending the games with him, but they'd trade all of those past games to send him to just one in this series.

"It would be awesome for him to see at least one game. But you know..." says daughter Barbara Holt.

We know. The tickets are out of this League City veteran fan's league, even if you could find some for sale. He's not just a veteran fan, he's an actual WWII combat veteran, an anti-aircraft gunner who served in the Pacific. Even if this member of the greatest generation doesn't get to see what he thinks is the greatest Astros team play in the greatest contest in baseball, he will never give up rooting for them.

"I think it will go about five games. Astros in five? Astros in five. You can mark that down,"  He says laughing.

Four games would be better. I'm just saying.