Woman who survived shooting that left daughter dead speaks out

"I remember telling my sister 'oh my God he's trying to kill me,'" said Sonjette White.

She was on the phone with her sister and White says she didn't even see the gun.

She thought the argument on August 10 at their Bacliff home had ended.

The fight began between her 58-year-old husband Anthony White and her 21-year-old daughter Keia Manning.

Without saying a word, Anthony White allegedly changed all of their lives forever.

"I just hear her saying, 'oh my God Anthony, please, please don't shoot me. I want to have kids one day. Please don't shoot me,'" White said. "And he tells my baby 'you started this' and he shoots her anyway."

White says she's haunted by the sound of her daughter begging for her life and then taking her last breath.

"Every night when I try to go to sleep, that plays in my head. I can hear her voice and I can hear his every night," said White.

"There is never an excuse for domestic violence and a domestic violence victim never deserves it," said Galveston County DA Jack Roady.

Roady says domestic abuse offenders are master manipulators who never change.

"Victims can't just walk out of an abusive situation on their own. They need help," Roady said.

White wants other victims to react before it's too late and says don't keep the abuse a secret. "You can get out," White said.