Woman who played role in fatal kidnapping to be released early from prison

Irene Flores didn’t pull the trigger.

Hilton Crawford did.

But many believe Flores is just as responsible for 12-year-old Mccay Everett’s death as Crawford.

“Irene Flores could have turned around and said 'stop I’m not doing this I’m going to the police I’m going to stop this,'” said Mccay’s mother Paulette Norman.

In 1995, Norman’s late husband Carl Everett called 911 after the couple returned home to an empty house where their 12-year-old son was supposed to be waiting.

“There was someone on the other line saying they’d kidnapped my son and they’re demanding $500,000,” Carl Everett can be heard saying during the call to 911.

The caller was Irene Flores.

“She was on parole for delivery of cocaine, so this wasn’t her first dog and pony show as far as being a convicted felon,” said crime victims advocate Andy Kahan.

McCay had been kidnapped by family friend Hilton Crawford. The boy called him "Uncle Hilty".

“I’m very sorry I have cried,” Crawford said in an interview before his 2003 execution for beating and shooting the 12-year-old and leaving him to die along I-10 in Louisiana.

Flores got 25 years.

“In my eyes she should have been executed on the same day Hilton was executed,” Norman said.

Flores is being paroled with two years left of her sentence. She will be released as soon as that’s possible.

“I have a life sentence,” Norman said.

Norman wants Flores to serve every day of the 25 years she received.

“The reality is that is not going to happen and this case is a classic example of that,” Kahan said.

When we asked Norman what she would say to Flores, she paused for a few seconds and then replied, “Die.”