Woman speaks after debris falls from overpass, hits her car

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Jermisha Sonnier said, at first, she thought the overpass was collapsing.

A chunk of concrete debris had smashed her windshield as she was driving southbound on the Southwest Freeway.

She said she swerved her car back and forth, and when she finally stopped, she was in shock.

“They were hitting the side of the freeway, and they was breaking in half, and they was coming in big chunks from the hood to my glass, and the lieutenant said if it was a little over, there was a chance I wouldn't have made it,” said Sonnier.

She later discovered that the falling concrete wasn’t because the overpass was collapsing -- it was because a truck driver above had lost control and spilled the concrete debris haul.
That debris came raining down on the cars below, hitting several cars.

Sonnier ended up going to the hospital.

“I have glass on the inside, fine glass, so it was like, you know, when it shattered, it hit the face, my eyes. That's why I have the glasses on,” said Sonnier.

“When she told me that a brick cement fell off, I was scared. I was scared because that could have been a life,” said Sharon Sonnier, the mother.

Highwa 59 southbound near the West Loop was shut down until the early afternoon.

Houston police say the truck driver told them he was switching lanes and lost control.

As for Sonnier, she says she'll be looking to the truck company to help with her car repair costs.