Woman arrested after 2 people fatally struck by car in the Heights

A woman has been arrested in a crash that left two pedestrians dead in the Heights on March 30.

Jada Mimms, 20, is facing two counts of failure to stop and render aid.

Houston Police say around 9:30 p.m. March 30, a 64-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman were walking on North Shepherd near 10th Street, when a female driver struck them both in the street.

At least one of the victims was in a wheelchair, but police aren't sure which one. Both were transported to the hospital where they later died.

Investigators said the female driver responsible for the deadly auto-pedestrian crash initially fled the scene, but was later convinced by a family member to return and turn herself in.

"The vehicle that is involved fled the scene, failed to stop and render aid but came back a short time later and turned themselves in," said Houston Police Sgt John Benavidez.

Investigators at the time said the driver did not appear to be intoxicated. She was taken into police custody for questioning, but later released. Authorities said at the time that the case would likely be turned over to a grand jury to decide if any charges would be filed against the driver.

Zongyu Zhai Lives just a few steps away from the fatal crash site and says he often walks to the stores down the street.

"It’s very dangerous. We definitely need a cross walk," Zhai said.

But with no crosswalk, dim lighting at night and cars that appear to speed by at 40-plus miles per hour, Zhai says he’d rather hop in his car then risk it.

"Especially because I have a baby, so if they close the gate under the bridge there, I prefer to drive to here not walk. Even though it’s just two minutes to walk here," Zhai said.