Willowbrook Mall arrest victim's brother speaks

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The Harris County District Attorney's office declines charges against  the man who took video of his brother being arrested at Willowbrook Mall this past Saturday.

The DA’s office says it reviewed evidence provided by the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office that said Michael Roulhac’s actions may have interfered with law enforcement at the scene, and may have been an attempt to incite a riot, but Roulhac will not be charged.

“To say that I was inciting a riot, well, in reality it was the officer who took it to the next level,” Roulhac said at a Monday news conference. “He had his knee in my brother’s back when he wasn't resisting. Then took it to the next level and pulled out a taser.”

The incident started when a Pct. 4 Deputy told Jesse Valdez to stop riding his motorized scooter board because it was a violation of the mall’s code of conduct. Instead of complying, Valdez questioned the deputy. 

“We proceeded to ask him why. Just being in a state of shock, we didn't understand what was going on,” Roulhac said. “At that point he grabbed my brother, slammed him against the window sill,  and then my brother made a look back at the officer to kind of figure out why this was going on.  At that point the officer proceeded to put him on the ground . That's when I started to record the video.”

Roulhac’s video has gone viral on social media.  But in it people are able to see only what happened after Valdez was taken down.

According to Precint r, Vales was shouting obscenities and was going to be charged with disorderly conduct. But they say Valdez pushed back against the officer and the charge then became resisting arrest.   The constables office  says that’s why Valdez was forced to the floor and pinned there by the deputy until back up arrived.

On Roulhac’s video, he's heard repeatedly questioning the deputy about why his brother was being arrested. And a second video on Facebook shows Roulhac holding his cell phone recording the incident.
At one point Roulhac gets very close to the deputy, compared to the large circle of onlookers that had formed. Roulhac backs up when he's asked to.  He is moved away again when more law enforcement arrives.

At the very end of Rouhac's video screams are heard off camera and it’s unclear why.  But they second video, which continues to roll, appears to show the screams were heard at the same time the deputy pulled out the taser, and stuck it in Valdez's back.

Precinct 4 has declined an on camera interview, but has provided information and statements supporting the deputy.  It says the deputy did nothing wrong. Pct 4 also says the deputy was justified in pulling his taser, because the suspect had already resisted arrest, and was still struggling.