Who is David Conley?

So who is David Conley, the man investigators say murdered six kids and two adults?  We posed that question to one person who knows Conley well, his wife.  “He’s the devil,” answers Vernessa Conley.
The day eight people were discovered dead inside a Northwest Harris County home, the day a mass murder made news, is also the 29th wedding anniversary for Vernessa Conley and the man accused of killing those six kids and two adults.

“If I hadn't left he probably would have killed me,” says Mrs. Conley.  Vernessa Conley married David Conley when she was 19 years old.

“He was very charming, nice all the time.  We just kind of instantly fell in love.  (He did a lot of things to woo you, to get you?)  Yes, he was so nice, called me every day” but a month into the marriage Conley says that drastically changed after she says she didn't appropriately do the laundry “and I didn't clean it right and he got angry and he shoved me in the tub and just started beating me in the tub”.  

Mrs. Conley says her husband was physically, verbally and sexually abusive.  “He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me out of the bed and he drug me over the floor and he took an extension cord, the orange ones that you use, and he wrapped it around my neck and I blacked out”. 

Her horrific stories seem to be endless.  “He busted me in my lip.  I have a scar even now, blood just went everywhere when he busted me in my lip.  I still have problems with this arm because he twisted it so hard.  I couldn't lift my arm for a long time.  (You said it's not an exaggeration, he started to beat you every day?)  I couldn't do anything right.  I was scared to even talk”. 

Conley says she escaped her husband when she was pregnant with their daughter and they've been separated for decades.  She says her husband has been with Valerie Jackson on and off for about sixteen years.

“She was a good person.  She had a good heart.  All she wanted to do was raise her children but she wanted to please him as well”.  
A text message from Vernessa to Valerie from last month reads “I'm sorry that you're going through that with him (David).  I told you that's why I left him.  Get out girl for you and your children”.

“I told her.  I told her.  I said he's evil, get out.  He just was an evil person.  He had an evil spirit.  I never wanted to be around him”.  

Loved ones say 48 year old David Conley just recently moved out of Valerie's home and she reconciled with her husband Dwayne Jackson.  That reconciliation ended with David Conley being arrested after allegedly murdering Valerie, Dwayne, the five kids Valerie had with Dwayne and even killing his own son he had with Valerie, 13 year old Nate Conley.