What's Your Point? May 17, 2017 - Transgender bathroom bill

What's Your Point? May 17, 2017 Part 2

Panelists Panelists: Jared Woodfill , Conservative Republicans of Texas - Tomaro Bell, Neighborhood Leader -  Adrian Garcia, former Harris Co. Sheriff,  Michael Kubosh, Houston City Council -  Doug Miller, Houston Chronicle Editorial Board - Jessica Colon, Republican strategist. discuss the Texas transgender bathroom bill.

USTIN, Texas (AP) - Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is clamoring for a special legislative session unless the Texas House approves legislation it was already expected to pass: a North Carolina-style "bathroom bill" and property tax cuts.

Only Gov. Greg Abbott can order lawmakers back after the Legislature adjourns May 29, and he's said previously he's hesitant to do so. Legislators in small-government-loving Texas meet only every-other year.

But Patrick, who oversees the state Senate, said Wednesday "people don't care how many sessions it takes."

The Senate already passed property tax cuts and rules on transgender Texans' public restroom use. Both still have time to clear the House and have been backed by Abbott.

House Speaker Joe Straus responded by calling "regrettable" Patrick's "threat to force a special session unless he gets everything his way."