What's Killing You? - lead exposure

What’s killing you? A lack of barbershop visits, particularly if you’re a black man. A big new study found men who get chopped at the shop—are more likely to see the doctor about health issues. Chatting about life and how you're doing leads to your buddies saying, "Yeah, you should see somebody about that.” Apparently, that's really effective. So a group of pharmacists in LA started hanging out at dozens of barbershops, so guys could get immediate health consults while chatting during their trim.  Two-thirds of those guys reduced their blood pressure—cutting risk for heart attack or stroke.

What’s killing you? Low-level lead exposure. More than a quarter million premature deaths from heart disease in middle-age Americans may be linked to lead. A new study analyzed 14,000 people over two decades. Findings show the exposure came before the study started.  Regulations have kept exposure to a minimum in recent years.  Most common exposure comes from lead in fuel, paint and plumbing.