Was That Fake? - Starbucks gay agenda

Was That Fake?

A photo that seems to have spread everywhere over the weekend shows a man sleeping on a train as former President Barack Obama rides a few mere feet away. People found it funny, and said, "Oh, wait until he sees this later!" This story is fake. That really is a picture of President Obama on a train, but it's from 2014. The altered version with the guy sleeping first showed up in January from a guy named "AverageRob" on Instagram. He adds images of himself into a bunch of celebrity photos. This one is just making the rounds again.

Is the famed New York City Santa Claus at Macy's on 34th Street really only taking photos with children by appointment only? Yes, this story is true. Macy's said it's part of an effort to reduce notoriously-long lines to visit the flagship North Pole Village. The photo opportunity is still free, but if you're visiting New York City over the holidays, make sure to book some time with Santa early.

People are saying that Starbucks is promoting the "gay agenda" with its holiday campaign. Is it true? The company has not said it outright, but here's how people reached that conclusion: In the new Starbucks commercial, two women snuggle over a cup of coffee. Then, on the cup itself, there are two hands intertwined.