Was That Fake? - genetically-modified babies

Was That Fake?

Is a researcher in China responsible for the world's first genetically-modified babies? That is his claim, but it has not been independently confirmed or verified. The researcher says he and a team of helpers used a genetic code editing tool to alter embryos for seven couples during in-vitro fertility treatments, which resulted in one pregnancy of twin girls. 

The researcher's goal was not to cure or prevent an inherited disease, but to give the baby the ability to resist possible future infection from HIV. Many mainstream scientists are condemning the move as unethical and dangerous, adding that this type of gene editing should not be attempted.

After the researcher said Rice University bioengineering professor Dr. Michael Deem was involved in the project, the university released the following statement:

  1. Rice had no knowledge of this work.
  2. To Rice’s knowledge, none of the clinical work was performed in the United States.
  3. Regardless of where it was conducted, this work as described in press reports, violates scientific conduct guidelines and is inconsistent with ethical norms of the scientific community and Rice University.
  4. We have begun a full investigation of Dr. Deem’s involvement in this research.

Was That Fake?

Controversial comedian Roseanne Barr is pushing back against what she says is fake news.
People went crazy on social media platforms on Saturday night following rumors that Barr had suffered a heart attack. Barr, 66, posted a photo of herself on Twitter with the caption "I'm fine." The rumors started when someone who had claimed to be Barr's assistant contacted the host of a Russian radio show.