Warning to consumers about on line scams

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It’s a great time of year, but experts have some warnings for holiday shoppers.

One scam to tell you about   comes as a simple text message from your "financial institution"

Cyber security giant "Norton" reports that texts are sent to consumers warning them of "suspicious activity" in their financial account and asking them to call a bogus number.

If you call, consumers will be asked to share sensitive information that could give scammers access to your accounts.

To protect yourself if you receive any of these alerts, contact your financial institution directly rather than the number sent.

And, two more scams you need to be aware of on America’s busiest shopping day of the year--- gift card gimmicks, and faux online stores,

Buying gift cards on Black Friday from third-party sellers could result in counterfeit product, used gift cards, or nothing at all.

 Instead of taking the risk-- buy directly from the retailer itself.

The Better Business Bureau also warns shoppers to beware of pop-up shops that show up around the holidays. They insist on buying from retailers you trust, and only visit official websites of well-known and established stores.

Petty thieves are likely to prowl stores and malls this holiday season. They're also eyeing your online purchases. Fox's Chris Chmura has some more warnings for shoppers in the video report.