Victim of 'serial stalking' suspect speaks out

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — The arrest of a man, who police say stalked and threatened people for decades, is finally bringing peace for his alleged victims. Among them, former Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin and philanthropist Carolyn Farb. She says there were times that she never believed this case would be solved.

"He crossed the line, for me, when he said, 'I'm glad your son is dead,'" describes Farb. She adds that she tried to ignore the first notes when they started to arrive 30 years ago, perhaps the cost of being in the public eye. But after receiving what she says were hundreds of vile profanity-laced messages over the years, they would get easy to identify.

"You'd get an envelope, it looked harmless, maybe it had a floral print and you'd open it and you get this barrage of terrible things, from someone you don't even know, is saying to you," explains Farb.

Houston police and the Harris County District Attorney's Office say 60-year-old Robin Chiswell is responsible for the messages. Investigators had been trying to identify the person sending the letters for almost five years.

A partnership between Houston police and the U.S. Postal Service finally put the pieces together and Chiswell was arrested in late November. He is only charged with harassing Farb, but investigators believe he sent similar messages to Sumlin and others.

Farb says she has already heard from a woman who claims she received twenty years worth of similar menacing notes. She encourages potential victims to speak-up

"They shouldn't be afraid," suggests Farb. "They just have to be fortunate enough to find a good police officer, and there are lots of them, who will listen and try to help them before anything disastrous happens. 

As for the man she doesn't know and has never met who is accused of stalking her all these years, Farb can only wonder why.

"To dedicate your life to saying these obscenities and terrible things to people — what kind of a person does that?," asks Farb. "What are they going to do next?"