Transgender woman shares a picture of herself in a North Carolina restroom

Credit: @sarahemcbride/Instagram -- McBride shared this photo of herself standing in a women's bathroom in North Carolina in protest of House Bill 2.

Sarah McBride is an LGBT rights activist who made headlines when she came out as transgender while serving as president of her college’s student body in 2012.

McBride shared a selfie on April 21 in what she says is a women’s restroom in North Carolina.

The photo is taken in protest against the recent passage of House Bill 2 in North Carolina, which prohibits transgender men and women from using the restroom that matches their sexual identity.

In the post, McBride wrote, “They say I’m a pervert. They say I’m a man dressed as a woman. They say I’m a threat to their children. They say I’m confused…I’m just a person. We are all just people. Trying to pee in peace…And allowing me to continue to use this bathroom – just without fear of discrimination and harassment – doesn’t hurt anyone."