Tow truck driver charged with hitting, killing father of seven

No car is worth a human life.

"No. I'm not angry. I'm just in shock, I just lost a big person for me," said widow Josephine Mali.

A big person for his widow, plus his seven kids and numerous grandchildren.

It was just about 7:30 on Thursday morning. That's when a repo man showed up to this apartment complex on South Gessner.

Nduli Antony was in his second floor apartment.

"They tell me he was in his room praying. He was in his room praying and they called and said they're towing your car," said Marie Nduli, his daughter.

The 66-year-old security guard rushed downstairs to confront the repo man. Josephine was right behind him.

"When he talked to him he said no, they wouldn't leave the car. They were supposed to take it. Then he told me go pick up the key. When I come to pick up the key, I don't know what happened," said Mali.

Investigators say what happened was the repo driver took off. Nduli was either between the two vehicles, or hanging on to his.

Either way, he was run over. He died immediately, but the wrecker driver, 33-year-old Oscar Lee Harrison kept going. He drove the car to the repo lot in Pasadena before returning to the scene under police pressure.

"We know that he knew that this individual needed medical care, and he didn't provide it. He didn't stop to insure that he was getting it. He simply went about his business, and that's not ok," said Sean Teare, the Chief of the Harris County District Attorney's Office Vehicular Crimes Unit.

The victim arrived here as a refugee with his family in 2000. They fled the Democratic Republic of Congo which was being torn apart by the bloodiest war in the continent's history.

Five million people died there, but not Nduli Alberto. He died right here in Houston.

"My father was a good man. A church man. He was was always there for me," said his daughter.