Top stories this morning 9/30

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Police say a driver hit and killed a man in southeast Houston. Officers tell us the man was in the crosswalk on Almeda and airport when he was hit last night. He died at the hospital. The driver stopped, but officers are not sure if the driver had the right of way.


Harris county investigators are looking for at least two people who led deputies on a wild chase in northwest Harris County.

          The chase started near little York and ended with a crash. Along Philippine road.  Deputies say the men ran into a nearby apartment complex.


Volkswagen is in the middle of a scandal right now accused of programming cars to evade emissions standards.

          Now, Harris County is going after the world's biggest automaker.

          The county has filed a 100 million dollar lawsuit. Claiming Volkswagen violated Texas environmental laws in the county. This after it sold cars with fraudulent emissions control devices to make their cars look cleaner than they were.



A woman convicted in her husband's death was the first woman executed in Georgia in 70 years.

Kelly Renee Gissendaner was denied a stay of execution by the u-s supreme court.

          Gissendaner was convicted of conspiring with her lover... Who stabbed her husband to death in1997.