Top stories this morning 9/10

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The body of a man who jumped into the San Jacinto River off the Eastex freeway has been recovered.

            Police say they saw a car on fire on interstate 59 near Townsen around 9PM last night. As they were heading to the scene, they saw the driver jump into the river. The dive team was called out and located the body.


The man suspected of killing three men with a hammer then burning their bodies in an empty lot is expected in court today. Police believe the suspect was living in a homeless encampment on the property in spring branch and that all three of his victims were living there too. The suspect has several prior arrests from misdemeanor drug possession to aggravated assault.


There was a rude awakening for some people attending the Taylor Swift concert at minute maid park. At least seven vehicles were broken into, in a parking lot on saint Emmanuel’s street. One victim says they took her laptop. Drivers parked in the lot paid $20 dollars to be there, which was a bargain. Some spots were going as high as 80 dollars.


The former state department worker who set up Hillary Clinton’s email server is scheduled to appear before house investigators behind closed doors today. But lawmakers have been notified that Bryan Pagliano plans to invoke his 5th amendment right to refuse to testify to avoid self-incrimination.